Q:  Why do I need a Pet Sitter?
 A:  Your pets stay in their normal surroundings. No more travel trauma to and from the kennel. Your pets keep their normal routine of feeding /watering, daily walks and potty time. Pet stress is eliminated.  No need to ask  friends, family, or neighbors to watch your pets. We are more reliable.

 Q:  What does a Pet Sitter do during a visit?
 A:  A visit consists of providing fresh food, water, playtime, outdoor time, and plenty of attention. I will also turn on /off lights, open / close window treatments, collect the mail or newspaper, etc.  Clean up waste from pets.  Leave a detailed log of how the visit went , then I secure your house when I leave .

 Q:  Do you have Insurance?
 A:  LazyDog Pet Sitters is insured. This protects you if there should ever be an accident that involves your pet or property. 

 Q:  How long does the Pet Sitter stay ?
 A:   Until your pets have pee'd/poop'd, have been fed and water topped off. Usually anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Depending on schedule for our day.

 Q:  Do you have references ?
 A: Yes,  We will upon request provide you with clients names and numbers to verify our services. For our clients privacy we do not list all information regarding references.
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I have the best job out there. 
I get to play with pets all day. 


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